Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interconnectedness and Ikea

Here it is-the interconnectedness. This is how it works. So my neighbour gave me the peaches-which we've used for various things. Like putting in our ears instead of earplugs (they are small peaches and our ears have grown since we've been here because it's so quiet). And playing balancing peach pyramid games. Then these were the worst of the windfalls and I put them by for the ducks, who've been loving them. They waddle up as fast as they can to get them-the effect is like up like animated kayaks with short legs. Then these are the last of the windfalls which as you see are being eaten by the butterfly who also seems to have it's eye on the fly. Perhaps the fly itself is looking at another thing which in its turn regards the drop of water on the garden table as a gargantuan lake. I'm distracted as i write this because M is currently trying to put together a large filing cabinet from Ikea. He says it's the worst thing he's ever tried to put together from there. Generally, he is the most patient man in the world when it comes to doing flatpacks but it would seem that Ikea is the one place that the interconnectedness theorem does not apply.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Le Chasse du Chicken

Here, M is demonstrating some of the finer points of chicken chasing which seems to be practised with enthusiasm rather than style in the UK, whereas here in France, it's done with enough flair and style to elevate it to an art form. The moves shown here are: 1) La Discret - obviously this move depends for it's success on the subtlety and stealth of the practitioner-also a certain amount of patience is required. 2) La Glissade. This manoeuvre is possibly more suited to the younger artiste since it requires an element of suppleness and quick movement. Finally, 3) Le Battait douce wherein a gentle flapping movement (by the person rather than the chicken-if the chicken starts flapping, you have lost it-note the calm posture of the chicken in the third photo) is used to encourage the bird in the required direction. We are considering using our premises for the start of a new sport-which could have potential for televising-perhaps to be entitled "Une Homme et Son Poulet". Our chickens seem to have good personalities for use for demonstrations, and, heaven knows, they could do with the exercise since they're getting pretty fat. I would have taken some more photos since there are many more moves-some quite complex but unfortunately, my raucous laughter was distracting the chicken, who was thus unable to give of it's best.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Duck Days of Summer

This is a very strange time of year-humid although not hot days. the vegetable patch has given of it's best, and the air, as you walk between the trees, is thick with the sound and presence of the flies and other insects which feast on the rotting apples. We pick what we can-but they are constantly falling. yesterday, one fell on a friends'-Jenny's- head. Has it done her any damage??? Hopefully not. On Saturday, there were thunderstorms all around us-we could see them going on in every direction-but none of them ever actually arrived here which gave a real edge of suspense and tension to the day which wasn't entirely pleasant. In the meantime, the ducks have finally taken to the water, Sometimes silently bobbing and swimming around their little pond, and at other times, taking to the water with huge splashes and then spending ages preening their feathers afterwards. they can, to my mind, be pretty much as elegant as swans. So much for ugly ducklings! I have spent a couple of weeks visiting my beautiful children and grandchildren back in the UK-hence the break from this blog. I miss them all.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am terribly excited today cos about to visit my family and see my lovely children and grandchildren. hurrah!!!

I will miss the doggies of course-our lovely neighbours have agreed to look after them. However, their dog cushions were completely minging. So I have finally got my trusty old Singer out and made them these new cushion covers. They seemed very pleased and fell into their beds straightaway for a snooze-and at least the neighbours (being posh doggie judges) shouldn't be too shocked at the way our doggies live. only at their behaviour.


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