Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new Year

The appearance of a newt at the start of a new year denotes good health and prosperity for the favoured catchee. imagine how much more of a good omen this must be at the start of a whole new decade. Tonight, we go out to friend's house to share a Swedish style meal. Tomorrow, we have a bit of an open house style thing for a few friends and neighbours. Including our french neighbours who have such a strong accent that we find it very difficult to understand what they're saying. We shall just have to ply them, and ourselves, with enough booze for it not to matter. M has been chopping more logs this afternoon-and playing spot the duck in between since they love hiding out in the barn if they get the chance. I've included this 2nd photo so that you can play spot the duck, too! Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

sleeping positions

Sometimes, i think there's something wrong with our pets. In the evening, the fire is lit, and they go to sleep. None of them seem aware of the standard pet positions in which to doze. It grieves me. Not only are they frequently disobedient during the day, but they openly flout convention at night,as well. our snow has thawed now, luckily enough. I shall get my trusty but rather floaty twingo out tomorrow and hit the open road again. watch out Normandy, here I come...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A White Christmas?

Our neighbours called in this afternoon. They came bearing gifts-of a quality pork joint, and boudin-a local sausage. This adding to the gift of a pintard which they left us a few weeks ago. In return, I gave them a bottle of the apricot liqueur and a jar of the apricot chutney which I made in the summer, plus one of my dundee cakes (one of the ones the dogs didn't get at) which I've laced with their own calvados. The men drank some aperitifs together and M took snuff with them. l
Last night, we visited a little village called Beauchene which is close to here-where they have the most beautiful Christmas lights. Now, I've just gone out to tuck up the ducks and chickens who kindly gave us 5 eggs today. They're sitting on their perches and quietly clucking and quaking. i
I've put extra hay out for them today. Whilst I was out there, it started snowing again-great bit fat white flakes. It's going to be a white Christmas this year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

well that's it, we are officially snow-bound, now. Snow and ice have conspired to make the roads increasingly dangerous and, having encountered a snow drift at close quarters once too often, we are staying put for a while now. This means I am now marooned with a man whose main interests are 1) cars, and 2) quizzes on 1980's pop music. He, meanwhile, is stuck with a highly emotional woman who frequently needs to explore how she really feels about everything. Luckily, we have no guns so should onlyhave chewed our limbs to stumps by the time the thaw sets in.

The vid shows Bianca complaining about M collecting her eggs. M is not usually this strangely dressed. He's generally very debonair but obviously the weather can get the better of us from time to time.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming Home

Just got home after prolonged snowy journey home. gas and water frozen up-inches of snow. the pipes now successfully defrosted and have trundled up to the chicken shed to check on the girls and give them fresh water.
Winter has come rather suddenly. The car skidded on the road coming back-well it was more like floating, really. Missing the family. Hoping Daniel is well enough to enjoy snow tomorrow.


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