Thursday, November 12, 2009

We've just got back from a dog walk in rather murky weather. A sort of Sherlock Holmes gloom to the weather today. So I've lit the fire now and the dogs have decided to take yet aother rest. Only they're sharing a bed-and now the cat has come along, too. They all have bed each but it seems they prefer the comfort of cuddling up together. Franck has just dropped off to sleep with his head in this downward position (there being nowhere else to put it) and as a result, he's snoring like billio. Suddenly, the light outside the windows has gone from day-light to dark indigo blue and shortly will be dark. That's winter for you. Until now, we've been getting pretty normal amounts of eggs but today, for the first time, there were none at all. I've checked all the chooks' favourite sitting spots but found no eggs elsewhere so perhaps this is just a time of year thing...


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I've lived with my partner in Normandy, France, for about four years now. There's lots I love about our lives here-including our beautiful surroundings-but I also miss my wonderful children and grandchildren who are back in the UK. I trained as a hypnotherapist originally in the UK and am now registered for this in France, I also like making (and hopefully selling) some jewellery.